Design Without Borders Interni Press Office

The Design Without Borders Interni Press Office features interior design based on black and white three dimensionality, with artistic colorful patterns, geometries, furniture and elements from different design disciplines, some custom designed by Mac Stopa, others designed by Mac for serial production, and integrated into the design of the installation creating design without borders, an expression of Mac’s creative philosophy and the Open Borders theme of the Interni exhibition during Milan Design Week – FuoriSalone 2016.

In the Design Without Borders installation, as in his approach to his firm’s projects, Mac crosses different design disciplines, including architecture, interior design, industrial design, art, fashion and his love of graphics, applying ideas born in one discipline to other design disciplines, demonstrating that in the pursuit of new and innovative design solutions, there are no borders between them.

About the theme of the exhibition, Mac Stopa said: “Open Borders conveys a connectedness among the different design disciplines. Technology, culture and experience gained designing in one discipline promotes and enriches creative thinking in another. The thought process involved in the industrial design of small scale objects, for example, can be very valuable in creating architecture, while thinking about architecture and industrial design opens the mind to designing creative fashion.”

Mac elaborates on this idea in his installation Design Without Borders. In the installation, Mac uses organic geometry found in nature as his inspiration. With a passion for geometry and mathematics, he created organic black and white as well as colorful three-dimensional geometric patterns. These patterns became the inspiration for the design of other objects or elements, ranging from 3D wallcovering and wall tiles, to a new three-dimensional modular carpet, to a glass table with the same transparent 3D pattern as the carpet, to a 3D printed lamp, to soft seating and poufs with a geometric cube pattern, and finally, the design of a public building with Mac’s organic geometry on the facade.

The Design Without Borders Interni Press Office integrates visitors in a world of three-dimensionality, colors and textures, while creating a functional, productive and inspiring work environment. Beautifully illuminated with lighting by Luceplan, the space is divided into two zones. The first zone features the reception area with a custom reception desk produced by Marro and colorful poufs for guest seating, both made from COMFY® Noodles by NMC and designed by Mac Stopa. In addition, there are Coral Arstyl® Wall Tiles on the counter’s front panels and Wing tiles, part of a collection by Mac Stopa for NMC, which are integrated with the wall covering of the same geometry throughout the Press Office. The second zone features a separate meeting area with soft seating, tables and poufs from the new Drum Collection by Mac Stopa for Cappellini. Added to the mix is Mac’s stunning Transparency modular carpet for Milliken. The 3D pattern on the modular carpet is also applied on the lampshade of the 3D printed lamp, on the amazing Mira table by Mac Stopa for Casali, as well as on the facade of the Massive Design Arena featured in the video Mac prepared especially for the Open Borders exhibition and included as a special video presentation in the Press Office.

Mac also crosses over from one design discipline to another when he applies the geometries and patterns he created for industrial design products using one kind of material, for example, wood or polyurethane foam, to another type of material: namely printed fabrics, from which he creates apparel. In the installation, Mac’s Cube, Wing and Transparency graphics appear on T-shirts, tunics and jackets, leggings and flared pants, part of the new clothing line for men and women that Mac and his partner, Dana, are developing.

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