Pop Metal by Mac Stopa for Casali

Pop Metal by Mac Stopa for Casali is a new series of unique and innovative doors and glass panels. The combination of 10 mm mirrored or clear glass and sheet of brushed stainless steel finished in opaque lacquer generates a unique architectural surface with outstanding visual and aesthetic properties. The modular organic geometry designed by Mac Stopa is laser cut in the stainless steel using the newest and most sophisticated cutting technology. The complex manufacturing process combining stainless steel together with glass and special lacquering, which also includes vertical steel brushing, has been developed thanks to years of experience and Italian quality workmanship of Casali.

Pop Metal doors and glass panels change their appearance generating a multitude of artistic reflections and shades depending on overall space illumination, the distance of the observer and position of the doors. Pop Metal is available in a wide range of doors, including sliding doors, swing doors and double action doors in 10 mm extra-clear glass and in a range of 6 to 12 mm extra clear glass for panels. The doors and panels are equipped with superior quality and durability high tech stainless steel hardware by Casali. In addition to doors and panels, Pop Metal is available for use in a wide range of dimensions and products including wall panels, ceilings, back splashes and furniture. The product received two Interior Design Best of Year Honoree Awards 2016 in Material Connexion: Carbon Based, Metal and Architectural/Building Products categories. Made in Italy.www.casali.net

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