Interni Hybrid Press Room

Hybrid design suggests an alternative and often experimental way of mixing materials, form and function to create outstanding new solutions. Hybrid implies innovation and creativity based on rethinking and redesigning existing methodologies. The interior design of the Interni Hybrid Press Room by Mac Stopa with Samsung Chemical for the Interni Hybrid Architecture & Design exhibition during Milan Design Week 2013 conveys the hybrid concept by mixing together several materials and manufacturing technologies using multiple forms of expression. Characteristic of the design are organic shapes and forms, three-dimensionality, illumination that combines classic lighting with contemporary illumination effects, and organic furniture and finishes custom designed by Mac Stopa (reception desk and Quadrazone conference/meeting tables in Staron®; carpet, wall coverings and oversized Quad cushion and classic Fatboy bean bags upholstered in Mac Stopa’s three-dimensional “Watch Your Step” pattern; lighting; Bottoms Up shelving; and chairs Step and Structure designed by Mac Stopa for serial production). From 8 – 21 April, there were over 70,000 visitors to the two-week long Interni Hybrid exhibition that took place at the University of Milan, via Festa del Perdono 7.  

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