Odyssey by Mac Stopa for Samsung Chemical Europe

Odyssey designed by Mac Stopa for Samsung made its debut during Milan Design Week 2013. Thermoformed in Staron® solid surface material, Odyssey has more than 100 circular openings embedded with clear acrylic polymer inserts. The table/desk top is supported by a frame equipped with multi-colored Staron® panels that amplify transparency and create the illusion of changing colors. What’s more, Odyssey’s “stretched” hexagonal shape allows for modularity; Odyssey can be arranged individually or in groups in a myriad of geometrical compositions. Odyssey and other select furniture in Staron® by Mac Stopa were exhibited at the Samsung Staron® showroom at Via Tortona 37 in Milan.

 www.samsungstaron.eu,  www.krause-design.pl

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