Hybrid electric guitar by Mac Stopa in Staron®

The Hybrid electric guitar in Staron® designed by Mac Stopa and produced in collaboration with luthier Marek Witkowski and Acrea was exhibited at the Samsung Chemical Europe showroom during Milan Design Week 2013. The Hybrid electric guitar’s organic shape is inspired by nature and random geometry. The solid surface material Staron® is the main component for its structure. The fingerboard is also finished in Staron®. An electric guitar player himself, Mac designed the guitar’s body using multiple layers of laminated colored Staron® with organic openings that have both an aesthetic and functional purpose. In addition to making the guitar lighter, the organic-shaped openings allow for easy handling and comfortable gripping of the guitar in almost any way during a gig or practice session. www.staron.com, www.witkowskiguitars.com, www.acrea.pl 

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