Watch Your Step 3-D Pattern by Mac Stopa on Quad pillows and Fatboy bean bags

Oversized modular Quad pillows and classic Fatboy bean bags upholstered in Mac Stopa’s Watch Your Step 3-D pattern generated lots of buzz and genuine relaxation in the Interni Press Room, the installation designed by Mac Stopa for the Interni Hybrid Architecture & Design exhibition during Milan Design Week 2013. The Quad pillows by Mac Stopa have a four-sided tessellating quadrilateral geometry that allow for tessellation in different geometric compositions. The Quad pillows and Fatboys are upholstered in the same three-dimensional Watch Your Step pattern that Mac Stopa designed for the wall covering and carpet of the Press Room. The comfy oversized pillows and bean bags were also a hit at the Samsung Chemical Europe showroom at Via Tortona 37 in Milan.

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