Pelikan by Mac Stopa with M. Ballendat for Profim

Pelikan is a new chair designed by Mac Stopa with M. Ballendat for Profim. Pelikan’s form adds a sense of freedom to interiors. The chair, like a pelican, has a special storage place, which may come in handy if space is limited. The form of the pelican with its large beak was incorporated into the design of the chair. “Designing is not about giving form. It is about discovering it. I often search for it in nature. I try to give softness and smoothness to objects. The pelican’s natural form has always appealed to me. In the Pelikan chair, its beak is represented by the seat,” said Mac Stopa, the chair’s designer. This collection is a solution for those interiors where any free space is invaluable. The lower part of the seat is fitted with a space in which one can place a book, a laptop or a bag. Pelikan is available in two versions - with or without an armrest. The armrest is made from a soft touch material. There are four bases to choose from: a four leg frame, cantilever, a round flat base and a four-star base. Pelikan was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015., ORGATEC 2014,

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