Hybrid Collection Installation by Mac Stopa for DIFFA’s Dining by Design NY

With organic forms and parametric vibes, the “Hybrid Collection” installation designed by Mac Stopa for DIFFA’s Dining by Design New York 2015 exhibition explores the synergy between Mac’s passion for creating innovative design based on digital geometries and organic random geometries created by nature, and transforming two-dimensional objects into something three-dimensional.

The “Hybrid Collection” is framed by 10 mm extra-clear lacquered glass partitions featuring never-before-seen three-dimensional patterns with organic forms on glass from Casali’s Hybrid Collection. The transparency on glass coordinated with Mac’s 3D patterns creates a spherical effect with morphed movement producing multiple artistic impressions. Also featured is Mac’s Table - an innovative table system with a modular sculptural leg made of medium density integral polyurethane foam that offers unlimited possibilities. The leg’s reversible geometry allows for creating an infinite number of table base configurations as well as multiple matching table top shapes and dimensions in a variety of materials, with no limit to the table’s shape or length. The Hybrid Collection 3D pattern on the glass walls is repeated on the glass table top, resulting in a powerful visual effect of three-dimensionality.

The Tako chairs with their organic vibe perfectly complement Mac’s Table, creating the ultimate ambiance for dining, entertaining or for the modern office. With the Spherical Infusion tessellating modular carpet tiles, part of the Breaking Form Collection designed by Mac in collaboration with the Mohawk Group, the floor becomes kinetic. The geometric patterns that simulate movement transform the floor from two-dimensional to three-dimensional.

Each of the products designed by Mac featured in the installation is an award-winning design. Casali’s Hybrid Collection was awarded a Red Dot Design Award 2015, two Interior Design Best of Year Awards 2014 and two Interior Design Best of Year Honoree Awards 2014. Mac’s Table received a GOOD DESIGN™ Award 2014 and a Best of Boutique Design/NY Product Design Award 2014. The Tako chair was awarded an Interior Design Best of Year Honoree Award 2014. The Breaking Form Collection of carpet tiles was awarded a Red Dot Design Award 2015 as well as Contract magazine’s Best of NeoCon Editor’s Choice Award 2014 in the modular carpet category.

Manufactured by different producers using a variety of manufacturing processes, the products form one creative organic unity in the “Hybrid Collection,” beautifully illuminated by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina’s iconic Tolomeo Collection lamps by Artemide.®

Supporting the mission of DIFFA, the concept of the Dining by Design “Hybrid Collection” installation, which highlights innovation, creativity, unity and partnership, and illustrates how the actions and movements of one reflects on and influences others, can also be applied in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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