Hybrid Collection Mirrored Glass by Mac Stopa for Casali

The Hybrid Collection’s mirrored glass designed by Mac Stopa for Casali combines dissimilar materials, glass, mirror, mirrored foil and opaque lacquering, resulting in a never-before-seen visual effect of multiple reflections, transparencies and shading. Several different materials and production technologies are applied on the two sides of the glass creating a multitude of artistic expressions, which are changing dynamically depending on the distance and view angle of the observer. The mirror with opaque lacquer and glass transparency produces multiple artistic impressions on glass panels and a range of door types (curved, sliding, swing, French, etc.) in 10 mm extra clear glass. www.casali.net, www.boyawards.interiordesign.net, www.boyawards.interiordesign.net, www.boyawards.interiordesign.net

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