Architectural Supervision

Architectural supervision, a core service we provide throughout the entire period of the construction phase through to the conclusion of the project, is one of the most important services we render.  Part and parcel of architectural supervision is maintaining control over the fit-out process by monitoring the construction process and ensuring that project objectives are met.  In this phase of the project, clients and contractors voice their concerns about job conditions and seek to immediately resolve any construction-related issues that may arise during the fit-out process.  Architectural supervision also allows us to track end results relating to the aesthetic and technical aspects of the design.

Massive Design’s core areas of activity are included below along with the full range of services we provide.

  • Space Planning
  • Area Calculation
  • Building Selection Advisory Services
  • Pre-lease Fit-Out Negotiations
  • Cost Control
  • Interior Design
  • Custom Furniture Design for Serial Production
  • Product Design
  • Lighting Design
  • CADD Design and Modeling
  • Rendering & Animations
  • Finishes and Furniture Selection
  • Architectural Supervision
  • Analysis of Consturtion Documentation
  • Post-Occupancy Consulting

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