“Creativity, innovation and communication – these qualities characterize the interactive agency Hypermedia Isobar and they are the values that we wanted the design of our new office to convey. Together with Massive Design, from an empty space of 1,520 sq. m., we have created a unique and modern office that fosters creativity and communication among employees. Bright colors, interesting textures, modern finishes, comfortable furniture that allow for flexible arrangement, formal and informal meeting areas – all of these solutions allowed us to create an office, which is both comfortable, and at the same time, a professional work environment. We all enjoy spending time and working in the new office. In addition, it makes a great and long lasting impression on our clients. That's why we can certainly say, the new office is our “business card.” 

- Katarzyna Szlendak, PR Manager, Hypermedia Isobar

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